Organization of a study tour of the objects

CMM invites you to a study tour of the region with the aim of a detailed study of the real estate objects that are most interesting to you, as well as acquaintance with the infrastructure of the region, beaches, surroundings, which will ultimately help you to choose housing that best suits your requirements..

The study tour includes a transfer from the airport to the hotel and transfer to the airport;

Free travel to properties all over the coast;

Your manager will pick you up every day from the hotel or apartment where you will be staying and take you to the display of objects, and after the inspection, bring you back;

There are no more than 6-8 objects for viewing per day. Practice shows that if you watch more, as a rule, a lot will not be remembered, and physically clients are very tired.;

Also, the study tour includes a free survey of the beaches and infrastructure of the region and advice on the acquisition of real estate.

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