CMM Investment Consulting Group offers clients the widest range of services in the purchase and registration of real estate. Working with us, you do not have to solve problems on your own, our managers will help you throughout the entire acquisition process and even after the purchase. So, what services do we provide:

Pre-purchase services:

  • Meeting at the airport
  • Study tour of the region, showing real estate, beaches, infrastructure (shops, restaurants, etc.);
  • Consulting on the procedure for acquiring real estate, processing the necessary documents, opening an account, obtaining a NIE (individual number for a foreigner);
  • Consulting on obtaining a mortgage loan, preparation of the necessary documents, registration of a mortgage.

Legal services for the transaction:

  • Preparation of documents for signing the sales contract;
  • Checking real estate for the purity of the transaction and the presence of various kinds of encumbrances;
  • Professional translator services.

Services for clients who have bought real estate:

  • Real estate service;
  • Renting out;
  • Utility bills and interaction with the management company.
  • Feedback form