• At the beginning of April 2022, our family living in Prague bought a house in Sutomore with the assistance of your company.

    Let me express my gratitude to the management of your company for the service provided, and especially to your employees - Anastasia Zeyak, Alexei Grachev and Elena Bozhovich for their attention, patience and even care for the whole time of buying real estate and the services provided after the purchase.

    I would really like all companies to work with the same quality of service. After coming into contact with this kind of attitude towards the client, all our environment, if necessary, will refer to your company only.

    With gratitude on behalf of our family.

    A.V. Ter-Gazaryan, 04/27/2022 05:59:50 am

  • Good afternoon, we want to leave a review about the experience of cooperation with your company. We thank the excellent managers of both the Moscow and Montenegrin offices, namely Ekaterina, Kristina and Katarina, for their professionalism, attention to details, understanding of our needs as the company's customers, responsiveness and efficiency. We are pleased to recommend your Company as a reliable Partner. Thank you!

    Dina, 12/29/2021 02:49:36 am

  • I want to express my gratitude to the employees of the CMM company for their competence and professionalism.
    I used the services for the selection and rental of real estate in Montenegro.
    Managers were always in touch, promptly answered all questions, picked up an apartment according to our request.
    I wish your team success and prosperity!

    Alexandra, 09/27/2021 12:03:45 am

  • I want to express my deep gratitude to the staff of CMM Investment Consulting Group for their professionalism and assistance in buying property in Montenegro.
    Managers very quickly responded to all questions and requests, offered and showed worthy objects. The service is excellent.
    Therefore, we are satisfied with the apartment and the purchase process.
    Good luck and prosperity!

    Alexandra , 09/22/2021 12:55:14 pm

  • I have long dreamed about buying property in Montenegro. And in January of this year, my dream came true thanks to the CMM agency. This company employs young, energetic and knowledgeable professionals. In Montenegro, I was very warmly welcomed and helped in finding an apartment by Peter and Christina. They are cheerful, creative and responsible guys. Huge thanks to them! I would like to express my special gratitude to Christina. From her I learned a lot about Montenegro and besides, she is a smart and pretty girl. Thanks to Christina!!! And it would be unfair not to mention other girls and guys: Anna, Angela, Belyan, Christina, Snezhana and others. Thank you all. I think we will continue to be friends.

    Yuri, 07/02/2020 02:26:58 am

  • We have long dreamed about our own housing in such a beautiful corner of the world, but as usual, to make a final decision, we lacked knowledge and experience in such a difficult process as acquiring real estate abroad. A thorough search for qualified real estate specialists led us to the CMM company (Budva city). The reputation of the company, many years of experience in Montenegro, our own construction projects became the basis of our choice. And we were not wrong. CMM specialist Peter Kuzmich directly, on the spot, was looking for the best option for the acquisition. It should be noted the flexible approach, professionalism, patience of Peter, and as a result of his efforts, we acquired housing by the sea. Full immersion in the process of finding the best option at the request of the customer, prompt resolution of all emerging non-standard situations and ongoing support distinguish CMM in the real estate market of Montenegro. I would like to thank the entire CMM team, and especially Peter Kuzmich for the work done, wish you further achievements and success in real estate selection services!

    Tatiana & Aleks, 04/04/2020 01:32:03 am

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