Education in Spain

Education in Spain is gaining more and more popularity among Russians. The main advantages of Spanish education are obtaining a European-style diploma, the opportunity to work in Europe, as well as attractive prices compared to other countries of the European Union. Education in Spain can be obtained not only in Spanish, but also in English. Currently, many prestigious English schools and universities open their offices in Spain due to the fact that the conditions of study in them are more affordable than in England. In addition, the favorable climate, warm sea and the hospitality of the Spaniards, including in relation to foreign students, make this country more and more attractive for students. Spain is home to one of the oldest and most respected universities in Europe - Salamanca, founded in the 13th century, which is still on the list of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Also, universities in Valencia, Granada, Barcelona have gained worldwide fame. The Polytechnic University of Valencia is rightfully considered the best technical university in Spain.

Schools in Spain are categorized as public, private and church-funded. For Spanish children, primary and secondary education is compulsory and free, while foreigners almost always study on a paid basis. In Spain, there are a huge number of schools where teaching is conducted in dual programs - Anglo-Spanish or Anglo-American schools. For Russian schoolchildren, this is the best choice, since knowing English, they can safely enter these schools and study all the necessary subjects. However, they also learn Spanish.

After graduating from Compulsory Secondary School (ESO) at the age of 16, the student can continue their two-year high school education in Spain and then go to university or choose a vocational education.

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