About us

We are one of the largest companies that have been successfully operating in the real estate market for more than 15 years. The vast experience of CMM Global in the international market allows us to confidently declare that we are one of the leaders in this area.

At the same time, our company continues to actively develop, mastering new directions in order to offer our clients the most profitable options for buying real estate abroad. We work intensively on the Spanish market, traditionally one of the most attractive destinations for purchasing a house by the sea or commercial real estate. Three years of studying the Spanish market and five years of productive work allow us to find the most interesting offers in this country for you. We build a wide network of partners who offer the most attractive prices for our clients, both for new properties and for the secondary ones.

CMM Global has a number of great advantages that are obvious when you choose a company with which you would like to work.

Our advantages:

  • Unique work experience and excellent reputation of the company, confirmed by years of successful practice;

  • The highest quality services and constant communication with a client;

  •  Best offers for buying real estate along the coast of Spain, including from developers;

  • Transparency of transactions and high-quality legal services;

  •  Best after-sales service.

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